Commercial Storage Caledon

Your office should a place of productivity, not a storage solution. At UltraStor, we have designed our facilities with our business clients’ needs in mind. Now, you can rest assured that your office storage will be safe and secure.

Young shop owner at a pottery store, taking inventory on a tablet device.

Consider Us If You Need To:

  • Contract or expand your business with ease
  • Run a mini-warehouse system
  • Store goods and/or spares cost effectively
  • Keep stock closer to your clients
  • Manage your office space efficiently
  • Store items such as files, office furniture, stationery, overstock, or display equipment
  • Achieve a cost-effective storage solution


Are you spending too much at your current rental on storing inventory? Moving goods into a storage unit costs less per square foot than most retail spaces. Increase your sales by increasing your selling area.

Person in a shop packing extra inventory, such as shoes, to bring to an UltraStor unit.
A home renovation underway, with various boards, a ladder and a table saw.

Building and Construction

Running out of storage space or storing necessary items in hard to reach areas? Storage units can free up space and keep supplies organized, leaving you more time to get to work.


Office space can be pricey. If it is costing you money to use office space as storage, consider moving archived materials to a storage unit. This will create more space for employees, increasing productivity.

Rows of blue binders with a hand reaching to pull one out.
Shop owner looking directly at the camera, with tailor supplies, thread and mannequins behind them.

Self-Employed Technicians​

No need to maintain a shop 24/7. Take advantage of our affordable self-storage units to store extra tools and equipment.

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