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Moving Supplies Caledon

At UltraStor, we believe that a stress-free move begins with using the proper supplies to protect your valuables. Our certified packing consultants can help you make the right choices when it comes to packing, packaging supplies, and protecting your possessions. We provide an assortment of moving supplies, products, and services such as:

Labeled moving boxes with an artificial plant placed on top in an UltraStor unit.

Moving Boxes

  • Small boxes: Ideal for packing books, magazines, records, CD/DVDs, and more.
  • Medium boxes: Ideal for packing larger items, like photo albums, products, small appliances, or shoes.
  • Large boxes: Used for packing and storing large but lightweight items, like bedding.
  • Wardrobe boxes: Ideal for hanging, packing, and moving clothing.

Packing Supplies

  • Sofa/chair and mattress covers: Protect chairs from damage, tears, or messes.
  • Moving blankets: Provides furniture protection when moving and storing.
  • Stretch film: Used for bundling, packing, and protecting smaller items.
  • Bubble wrap: For packing, protecting, and cushioning fragile items during the move.
  • Ink-free newsprint: Ideal for wrapping and packing ceramics, glassware, and other fragile items.
Packing supplies, including bubble wrap rolls, moving boxes and packing tape, all available to purchase at UltraStor.
Person taping up a moving box with a tape roller, with another moving box waiting in the background.

Packaging Tape

When packing your belongings, you’ll need to seal your moving boxes to keep them from spilling. This can be completed by using different supplies, such as:

  • Single tape rolls: Clear tape used for smooth surfaces, and hot or humid conditions.
  • Heavy duty tape gun and rolls: Self-dispensing tape, ideal for sealing moving boxes.

Other Packing Items

In addition to moving boxes and packing supplies, we also supply a range of other  supplies and services to make moving and storing your items as stress free as possible.

  • Locks
  • Tape dispensers
  • Handcarts and dollies
Locks that are available for purchase at UltrStor Burlington to lock up your storage unit.
Two movers carrying a chair wrapped in bubble wrap. Other boxes and furniture are around them, waiting to be moved.

What About Moving Services?

Most self-storage services are do-it-yourself when moving your belongings. Bring a family member or friend along to share the work of packing and moving your belongings, or hire a moving company you trust. If you don’t know one, UltraStor can recommend moving services for you!

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