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Tips For Storing Priceless Items In A Facility

14 Nov 2016
Posted By UltraStor
Expert Tips For Precious Item Storage

Priceless items, such as artwork and family heirlooms, require you to craft a comprehensive storage plan that assures the items are protected around the clock. You may not have the available security systems and space within your own home, and so the safest storage option might be a dedicated storage facility. To help you keep your priceless items safe in storage, we offer the following tips in our newest post!

Consider The Facility’s Security Options

Oftentimes, small storage facilities are not able to offer the level of storage protection required to keep belongings safe in the long-term. You should review the facility’s security systems carefully. Analyze their security camera options. Consider whether they employ round-the-clock security personnel and ask about the facility’s safety record in terms of fires and break-ins. It’s critical to gain as much information as possible on the company’s security systems before choosing their facility.

Harness Insurance Services

Your belongings might well be kept safe by the team at the facility you select. But accidents can occur and threats to the facility are an everyday issue. So it’s critical that you protect your belongings and secure their value by insuring any high value products. Items such as jewelry and historic artwork should be reviewed by a specialist to determine their value and then insured through a respected firm. Make sure you also take advantage of any insurance services offered through the storage company, as many organizations can offer direct insurance services that help you gain a full return for any damages that occur within the facility.

Create A Photo Inventory

Insurance products will help to provide a full return for any items that are stolen or damaged while in the facility, but the more evidence you have to back your claims the better your chances of achieving full policy value. Try to mitigate any insurance issues at a later date by taking pictures of each of the items within the storage facility. Make sure photos are catalogued with the date and time and that any warranty or insurance information is kept in the same location, as well as documented on a computer.

Speak To Several Facility Stakeholders

Before making the decision on your storage facility in Burlington, make sure you speak to several representatives of the company. This will help you to learn more on the company’s professionalism and further safeguard your precious belongings during the time they’re stored within the facility.

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