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Tips for Choosing a Storage Unit Size

13 Mar 2019
Posted By UltraStor
Tips for Choosing Your Storage Unit

Selecting the right size of storage unit for your belongings takes time and an understanding of the marketplace. You may be struggling to find a unit that meets your storage needs, and if that’s the case you should read on, as in this post, we’re presenting our tips for choosing your storage unit.

Make an Inventory

The first task you should take on when choosing a storage unit is to complete an inventory of your items and measure the number of items against the number of boxes. You should also consider how many irregularly-shaped items you have within your inventory. How many items do you have that will be difficult to store? Review and document this data to create a foundation for the storage unit selection process.

Consider Unit Organization

One of the many mistakes people make when selecting a storage unit is they don’t stop to consider whether they need to actually be able to walk around their unit and pick out items. They think they can simply cram all of their belongings in the unit without organization. But most of the time you will need an aisle or pathway to access all the space. If you have items within that will be required on short notice, you might need to place these items in the most easily accessible areas of the unit.

Use Interactive Size Guides

You might also take the time to use some of the many interactive size guides available online. These guides allow you to take into consideration your belongings and the type of items you will be storing. They also provide you with detailed information regarding sizing considerations and how to get the maximum return for your investment in an effectively-sized unit.

Use Your Moving Truck to Estimate

Your moving truck should be used to estimate the amount of space you’ll require within the storage unit. Consider the size of the moving truck trailer and how many items you have fit within the area. You can often find information about moving truck sizing from your rental company, and then use this information to work with the storage company regarding the size of your unit and the required space.

Always Go Larger

It’s always better value in the long-term to have more space than you might think you need for the required belongings. The more space you have the better you will be able to accommodate any new belongings that require storage in the future. Those who choose smaller units will also have a more difficult time finding the belongings if they need them, which often wastes time during the storage process. You can save time and money in the long-term by making a greater investment now in a larger unit.

See the Space First

You should always see the storage unit for yourself before you make a decision about the unit. Visiting the storage unit will ensure that you can see where the outlets are and determine the optimal organization. You should also take the time to speak with the manager of the storage facility and ask them about elements such as insurance coverage and security. What policies do their team follow and are they able to provide you with assurances that your belongings will be safe within the facility over the long-term?

Learn Your Dimensions

When you’re selecting a storage unit you will run into a range of figures regarding the dimensions of that unit. It’s important you know what these dimensions mean and how these dimensions impact the size and style of the storage space. For example, typically units have a height of about 8 feet and to truly capitalize on this space you might think about how you stack your belongings in order to ensure practical storage value.

When studying the dimensions of your potential storage unit, you might also consider the true size of a unit that’s 5’ by 5’, for example. In a room of this size, if you standing in the middle, you can generally touch both side walls. And so this type of room might be too small for your full range of storage needs.

Review Unique Storage Requirements

Another important point to consider when evaluating storage facilities is the unique requirements for storage of some of your items. For example, if you’re storing electrical equipment over a period of several months, it’s critical that this equipment is kept in a water-tight container and is not touching the ground or walls, where it can be impacted by moisture.

Having to store a large number of items with this type of environmental consideration can be challenging. You might consider adding separate shelving to your storage space, where allowed by the storage provider. You might also consider protecting the unit with insulation from the inside to safeguard your belongings during the coming months.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Storage Unit

Now we know more about the elements to review when sizing your unit, let’s go over some of the questions to ask when choosing your storage unit and storage unit provider:

  1. Do they have a security plan?
    Make sure the company’s security plan corresponds with the value placed on your belongings. Ask about measures such as security codes and video cameras within the facility.
  2. What is the total cost of the rental?
    When discussing rental costs, ask about insurance for your belongings and any additional expenditures that could arise in the future months.
  3. When will I have access to the building?
    Make sure you’re able to access the building 24-hours-a-day to ensure that you can locate items on short notice. This will give you complete control over your storage property and the belongings inside.

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