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Is It Safe To Store Valuable Documents In A Storage Unit?

1 Feb 2017
Posted By UltraStor
Valuable Documents And Storage Units

Storage units make it possible to store excess items in your home or business safely. The benefit of these units is that you choose one based on the exact size you need.

Although we live in an increasingly electronic world, many homes and businesses have a great deal of hard copies of various documents that take up a lot additional space. Many people are turning to storage units to store their documents, and this solution offers many benefits.

Is It Safe to Store Valuable Documents in Storage Units?

The short answer to this question is that yes, it is very safe to store valuable documents in a storage unit. Consider that storage units are designed to protect your valuables from a range of possible threats.

Of course, the key is to find a high-security storage unit that takes the safety of your valuables seriously. This means having security methods in place like door alarms, video surveillance and LED lighting. It also means having a quality-controlled unit. While paper documents can grow mold in warm weather conditions and sunlight can fade ink, temperature-controlled storage units eliminate these potential problems.

Hopefully we’ve addressed your concerns when it comes to storing valuable documents in a storage unit. However, keep in mind that it is still possible to boost the safety of your documents even further with the following tips:

  • Ensure that your documents are completely dry to begin with so that mold doesn’t potentially grow on any of them. Also store your documents in plastic boxes.
  • For extra protection against rare events such as floods, put your box of documents on top of pallets. This will keep them away from any water. In the event that they do come into contact with water, the pallets will also allow for air circulation.
  • Store important documents at the back of your storage unit. Of course, if you want to have your documents easily accessible, you might want to consider storing them closer to the front of the unit. Ensure that your boxes are also always labelled.

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