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Packing Tips for Successful Storage

3 Nov 2018
Posted By UltraStor
Storage tips to move your belongings

Are you moving houses? Inherited a bunch of items unexpectedly? You’ll be wanting to store some of your surplus items, but first you’ll have to pack them.

Packing seems easy in the movies; just throw it all into cardboard boxes and wave a magic wand, right? Nope. There’s a method to the madness of packing, and the following tips will put you in good shape for successful storage.

1. Get organized

Organization is key to any successful endeavour. Determine what you’re packing, the size of the boxes you need, and any accessories to cut, tape, and label. Make a list of everything you’ll be packing away, so you can make sure it’s accounted for later.

For bonus points, mark down the value of each item so you can have an estimate of it’s replacement cost. For breakables, make sure you have “fragile” labels on hand.

2. Use the same size boxes

Aim to use two sizes of boxes, one for larger items and the other for smaller goods. This will make stacking and organization much easier. Make sure you use sturdy boxes that will withstand being piled on top of each other. Nothing ruins moving efforts like boxes that are falling apart.

3. Don’t use plastic bags

Plastic bags are unwieldy and prone to mildew. They also tend to break at the worst possible moments. Keep with cardboard boxes for moving.

4. Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is your friend. Wrap anything breakable in a thick layer of bubble wrap to prevent it from getting damaged during transport, then have a field day popping all the bubbles later.

5. Recycle old towels

Old towels (bathroom towels, tea towels, face towels) make great wrapping when you’re moving. Instead of discarding old worn out textiles, use them as padding for your valuables. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

6How much space you need

Figure out how much space you need in your storage unit to store all your belongings. Getting this information straightened out beforehand can potentially save you a lot of time and hassle. Give us a call, we can help you with that! UltraStor @ 289-812-0153

7. Clean up

If you’re storing tools, equipment, vehicles, or anything that uses gas as fuel, make sure it’s completely drained before storage. This will prevent gross gas puddles from forming on the unit floor, which are safety hazards.

Clean all your items before moving them into a storage unit. This way, they’ll stay in good shape for the duration of their storage. Cover mattresses over to prevent mildew, de-ice refrigerators, and give everything a good wipe. When you go to retrieve your items, they’ll still be looking spic and span, instead of presenting you with a giant mess to deal with.

8. Take it apart

Taking apart furniture will greatly assist your storing efforts. Remove legs from tables, backs from chairs, and drawers from dressers. This will make your furniture much easier to pack away and reduce the likelihood of it scratching anything else during transport.

The most important thing to remember here is to keep your nails, screws, and Allen keys in a little baggie specifically labeled for the furniture piece it pertains to. There’s nothing worse than trying to put together a furniture item and have one screw too few.

9Off the floor

Don’t let your furniture sit directly on the floor. Raise it up by putting it on pallets, cinder blocks, or other supports that can stand its weight to prevent ruin in the event of flooding. Something is better than nothing; flattened cardboard boxes or a layer of throwaway cloth will offer some protection.

10. Pack modestly

Don’t cram too many items into your storage unit. It’s a great way to break something. Start by storing the largest pieces of furniture, gradually working your way down to the smallest pieces. Trying to seek out every square inch of your space will make it that much harder to access anything and will probably result in you breaking something in the process.

11. No food

This might seem like a no-brainer but moving can be hungry work and it’s tempting to take food into the storage unit while you’re arranging everything. If it goes in, it must come out. Leaving food in your space will attract rodents and bugs, which will spread to every other container in the building.

If you’re using cardboard boxes on the floor, ensure they don’t originate from a grocery store. There may be food residue on them, which will no doubt bring the bugs. Avoid the nightmare scenario of an infestation and make sure your sandwich crumbs never see your storage.

Packing to move your belongings into storage is much like moving houses. It can seem like a daunting task at first, all your stuff looming, needing to be packed, shipped, and stowed. If you follow our packing guidelines, then your goods should arrive safe and sound, empowering you to be your own expert mover. We’re always here to help, however, should you need it.

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