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Why Do You Need A Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

8 Aug 2016
Posted By UltraStor
Why You Need A Climate Controlled Storage Unit

A storage unit is a great method to store your many possessions in an organized and easily accessible way. However, not all items are suitable for the same temperature. Temperature and humidity can have a significant effect on your items, and might even lead to possible damage.

A climate controlled storage unit helps to create a consistent temperature and humidity level for the unit storing your possessions. Depending on your location, temperatures can reach extreme highs or extreme lows during the summer and winter, and cause damage to items such as beds, appliances and paperwork, as well as leather and wood based items, to name a few.

If you’re unsure if a climate controlled storage unit is right for you, keep the below information in mind:

What you’re storing

A climate controlled storage unit will be beneficial to all of your items. However, some in particular will depend on stable conditions to prevent damage. If you are using your facility to store irreplaceable or pricy items, a climate controlled storage unit would be a smart investment. Some other items that will require climate controlled storage include:

  • Electronics
  • Musical instruments
  • Art
  • Furniture
  • Paperwork

These aren’t the only items that require climate control, however damage to these items could be the most costly.

Where you live

Depending on your region, you might experience a variety of temperatures that reach extreme or moderately high levels. Regions with high levels of humidity, for example, should be cautious of storing their items in non-climate controlled units. Humidity can cause photos to stick together or damage to other furniture. A high amount of moisture in the air could significantly affect electronics and instruments. As well, extremely low and dry temperatures could cause freezing or contracting of your items, such as metal appliances.

How long you’ll be storing

If you plan on storing these items for lengthy periods of time, a climate controlled unit would ensure whatever you’re storing doesn’t become warped or damaged over time. Unpredictable weather could take a toll on your most prized possessions. However, if you’ll only be storing your items for a short period, weather is unlikely to significantly affect your items.

A climate controlled storage unit is a smart investment for anyone looking to safely store their items. Delicate, expensive or irreplaceable items are in a more serious need of climate control, however all of your items would be better off with long-term climate control.

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