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Home Storage Solutions For Your Paperwork

13 Mar 2017
Posted By UltraStor
Paperwork Storage Solutions

Paper is one item that continues to enter the home, from bills to receipts to children’s schoolwork. Regardless, it can quickly build up and make your home look cluttered in no time. Here are a few home storage solutions for all of those loose papers.

  • Go For the Classic Filing CabinetThe most traditional storage solution for your paperwork is a filing cabinet. They make it easy to organize papers depending upon the nature of the content and come in a range of styles, from wood to more office-style filing cabinets. Whether you have the space for a full-sized filing cabinet or you only have enough room for a portable one, both are effective methods for storing paperwork.
  • Utilize Wall SpaceUtilize empty wall space as a storage solution for all of your paper. Whether you use hanging folders or another type of organizer, your walls are a great option.
  • Repurpose a Magazine HolderRepurpose a magazine holder to store all of your paperwork. You could mount them onto your walls if you are short on space or choose a more attractive magazine holder and display it in your office as more of a statement piece. Home storage solutions don’t have to be difficult or expensive!
  • Go PaperlessGo paperless by scanning your all of your files and uploading them to your computer or external hard drive. External hard drives can be easily purchased at a retailer near you at an affordable price.
  • Create a Wall-Mounted Bulletin “Communication Centre”Keep track of everyone’s schedule and personal papers by adding bulletin boards to a central area of the home. Add wall-mounted organizers for additional paper storage, as well as wall-mounted magnetic panels to designate a corner of the bulletin board to each family member.
  • Rent a Storage UnitIf you are short on space in your home or you want to free up space, a great option for storing any documents you don’t need immediate access to is to rent a storage unit. This is a particularly great option for important documents like birth certificates, as professional storage facilities keep your documents in temperature-controlled rooms. Another benefit of using a storage unit for your paperwork is that you can store a lot of other items that are taking up excess space at the same time, from furniture to artwork to winter gear and more.

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