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Category Archives: Furniture Packing

5 Sep 2016
Posted By UltraStor
4 Tips To Keep Your Furniture Safe During A Move

Moving is a stressful business. Knowing how to pack your belongings so that they don’t get damaged will be one less thing to think about. Packing furniture properly for a move is well worth the effort. No one wants to move into a new home or apartment to find a cherished heirloom table or a …

29 Aug 2016
Posted By UltraStor
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What To Put In Your Storage Unit

You might assume that a storage unit is available for any and every item you’re looking to store. However, a storage unit is not intended for certain items such as perishables, hazardous materials and more. As well, storage units are not intended to be a room or working space for people or pets. Ensuring you’re …


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