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4 Reasons Your Business or Home Needs a Storage Unit

4 Jun 2018
Posted By UltraStor
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There are over 300,000 items in the average home. No wonder it’s hard to find a place for all of them. You can bet that the number of items in the average office is similar. It’s great to work hard, save your money, and score terrific deals, but the reality is that sometimes there’s just no room.

Even if your home or office isn’t in a state of clutter, you still might need some extra square footage. Self-storage spaces are one of the fastest growing segments of real estate because they’re just so darn popular and useful. People are opening their eyes to the many reasons to rent a storage space, either as a temporary measure or a long-term solution.

We at Ultrastor have hundreds of clients that entrust us with their belongings, and we often receive the backstory as to why they chose the self-storage route. Here are our top four reasons to rent a storage unit, either for yourself, your family, or your business.

1. Downsizing

Let’s face it, the price of real estate is going up. People are learning how to live and make do with less square footage for their living space, but smaller space living means that possessions can quickly pile up.

Some folks start their lives in a large house, then decide to downgrade once their children are off to school. As people get older, generally their desire to maintain a spacious abode declines. The time and effort required are just not worth it and selling their large home would give them a great return on investment to put towards a smaller place.

When downsizing, it can be a challenge figuring out how to move a huge home’s worth of belongings into a more modest space. Sometimes it just can’t be done, and the best course of action is to rent an off-site self-storage space. A storage space allows you to safely stash your belongings, knowing they won’t deteriorate due to humidity and are well guarded at all times.

2. Document Storage

Businesses can easily rack up boxes and boxes of documents that they’re legally obligated to keep for several years. Unless your business has a large, designated filing room, these documents can take up a lot of space and become a huge eyesore.

Storing them away from the office is a great solution. Your documents are still accessible 24/7 but are not in the way of your day-to-day operations. Your office will be much tidier, and your employees will have more room to spread out and work properly.

A self-storage space is ideal for storing documents due to its large size and around-the-clock security. Your documents will be easy to find, but no longer underfoot.

3. Seasonal Storage

Motorcycles, boats, winter clothing, snowboards, skis – you name it, we store it. Seasonal equipment is great when it’s the right season for it. Otherwise, it just takes up space, forcing you to walk around it and taking up valuable space in your home. Nobody wants to be tripping over their skis in the middle of July.

Self-storage is great because it gives you a space to stow away all your seasonal toys and equipment, keeping them safe and sound until the next time you need them. It’s a much better alternative to stuffing everything in the closet, and it’s one of the most popular uses we see for people seeking out self-storage. Especially in Canada, a country of seasonal sport lovers, there’s so much stuff that accumulates in association with our summer and winter hobbies. We make the best of our wild seasons, and self-storage makes it all a bit easier.

4. Moving

This is a huge one. Space is at a premium while moving houses. It’s a lot of pressure to have to move all your belongings to your new home on moving day and it can be downright impossible in some cases. Moving your non-essentials to temporary storage prior to moving greatly reduces your burden the day of. You can move items in and out of your storage space at your leisure, save time and money by not having to rent a moving truck for as long, and reduce your stress during a time when stress is all people tend to do.

We’ve only listed four reasons to seek out a self-storage unit when in reality there are many more. The fact is that people could always use a little space, a satellite location to store items they need to keep but don’t want to deal with on a daily basis. Whatever your reason for needing self-storage, we’re happy to match you with a storage option that meets your needs exactly.

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