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3 Tips To Store Your Summer Wardrobe

4 Sep 2017
Posted By UltraStor
Summer Wardrobe Storage Tips

Sad as it is to think, summer will soon give way to fall, and then to winter.

If your shirts, dresses, pants, or other clothing are suitable for temperatures well above zero degrees, you’ll need to retire them once summer is over and opt instead for clothing more suitable for the wind, hail, sleet, ice, and snow of fall and winter. While you might be tempted to simply store your summer clothing in your closet, they will take up precious space that could be used for other things…That’s where storage facilities come in.

Read on for 3 tips to store your summer wardrobe — so that they’re good to go when the snow exits.

Make Sure They’re Clean

You don’t want to store away your clothes for the winter season before properly washing or laundering them. If your warm-weather clothing is either dirty or stained, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise come summer, as it may not be possible to restore your clothing to their original condition.

If you store dry-cleaned clothing before storage, be sure to take them out of the dry cleaner bags prior to storing. Any moisture contained in the plastic bags could build and lead to mildew and mold. Your best bet is to get garment bags. Even dollar stores carry them, so garment bags are not only easy to find, but also very affordable. So clean up your clothes before finding long term storage solutions.

Find Storage Location

Don’t fall for the misconception that one storage facility is as good as another. Your best best is to find long term storage solutions that feature property-ventilated units that are cool and dry. Make sure your storage unit does not have windows that get direct sunlight as this may cause your spring and summer wardrobe to fade.

Use the Right Storage Containers

Moving boxes have their place and are just what you need for moving from one home to another, but they won’t do the trick if you plan to use long term storage solutions. Airtight containers made from plastic are better if you’re storing away your summer clothing for the winter season. Because of the airtight feature, you won’t have to worry about moisture, mildew or insects.

Adding some mothballs can also help to keep moths from nesting in your clothing. When you’ve packed up your clothing, place a sheet of fabric softener on top of the the clothing before sealing the containers so that you’ll be greeted with a nice fresh fragrance when you retrieve your stuff post-winter.

If you follow these 3 tips, you’ll be able to safely and securely store away your summer wardrobe during the cold weather period. When winter gives way to spring and then to summer, your summer wardrobe will be ready to go.

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