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Using Storage Space For Online Store Inventory

6 Jun 2016
Posted By UltraStor
Storage For Online Store Inventory

In today’s world, having an online business is smart. It’s even smarter to know how to control and store your products for easy send-off.

People enjoy shopping online from the comfort of their own homes at whatever times they choose. And you, as a business that offers online purchases or hard goods, need the proper space to store your inventory safely – a place that can meet your needs as your business flourishes and expands.

You can only count on friends and family for so long

Your basement and your friends and family can only store items for you for so long. You’re eventually going to need a storage facility. Besides, having your inventory in one secure area will protect your wares from theft. Most storage facilities, besides being climate controlled, have key code entries as an extra safeguard.

You’ve invested a lot into your business and investing in proper storage of your inventory just makes sense. As in any relationship, boundaries need to be set in business as well. Studies have shown when business life and personal life are distinctly separated, businesses often prosper more quickly. Part of this means moving your inventory to a location apart from your actual day-to-day dealings. Storage units are great for this and they’re also very cost-effective.

What self-storage can offer:

  • Convenient access;
  • Climate control;
  • 24-hour camera surveillance;
  • Proper lighting;
  • Coded gate access;
  • Flexibility and convenience.

Storage facilities usually have both indoor and outdoor sites. As well as being protected from the weather, indoor units usually have wider hallways as well as elevators where there’s more than one storey. Outdoor units are usually on one level with drive-up access. You need to be able to get to your merchandise when you need to.

If your business has seasonal inventory, like clothes for example, self-storage can be really helpful. Changing out-of-season inventory for in-season is an easy feat if inventory is neatly stored.

Using a self-storage unit will eliminate having to fight through a stockroom that’s piled high to the rafters. It saves time by knowing exactly where the items you’re looking for can be found.

UltraStor offers the best solution for all storage needs. They offer services delivering value, satisfaction and peace of mind. They’ll help you figure out just how much space you’ll need for your particular business inventory. Call them today to discuss all your storage needs.

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