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Organizing Your Clothes: What to Put into Storage and What to Throw out

13 Feb 2019
Posted By UltraStor
Organizing Your Clothes: What to Put into Storage and What to Throw out

Deciding which clothes to keep and which ones to throw out can be a daunting task. You may look into your closet and be overwhelmed by the choices in front of you. In some cases, you may decide that buying new clothes is the right move. In any event, here are some tips to help you decide which clothes to put in a secure storage unit and which ones you may want to consider throwing to the curb or donating to charity.



In order to determine which accessories to put in a storage bin and which ones to throw out, determine how often you wear the item. For instance, if you have many scarves stored neatly in a drawer, then perhaps you can make some room in your drawer for other items by moving those scarves to a storage unit. However, if there is one scarf in particular that you wear quite often, then perhaps you should store it with your favourite winter jacket.

The same applies to your other accessories, including ties, hats, belts, and winter gloves. Today’s modern day storage bins or units are truly cutting edge, as many are climate controlled, with state of the art surveillance and insulation features, and offer a myriad of different sizes to choose from to meet your discerning needs.

Boots and Shoes


As we are currently enduring what many meteorologists believe will be one of the longest winters in Canadian history, you may find yourself wearing boots more often. As a result, a boot tray may come in handy. Boot trays are relatively inexpensive and will help protect your floors from salt, ice, mud, dirt, and other debris that you may have inadvertently tracked into your otherwise pristine floor.

As for boots that you wear less often, perhaps storing them in a temperature controlled and well-surveilled storage facility may be advantageous. With many solutions available, you can drop off and pick up seasonal items conveniently as the seasons change.

As for shoes, they may be even harder to store, because you may have several pairs at home. Again, determine which ones to store based on how often you wear them. For instance, if you’re physically active year-round, then keep your most worn shoes in a convenient and easily accessible location. Your less frequently worn shoes will likely take up much-needed closet space, so storing them in a spacious and secure storage bin may be a viable option. As for shoes that you’ve outgrown or that have worn out quite extensively, you may want to consider throwing them out or donating them to a local charity.

Miscellaneous Clothing Items


You probably own some clothing that you have either worn once or not at all. You may have bought them at the same retail outlet, or may have purchased several, similar looking dresses because they were on sale, or because the retail store offered a bulk discount. Regardless of why you purchased them, you may want to take a step back and determine whether they are clothing items that will ever see the light of day. If the answer is no, then perhaps it is time to throw them out to make room for clothing that you actually plan on wearing. Or, perhaps storing them in a storage unit may be a better option, as you may have a change of heart in the future. After all, people’s tastes change, as do fashion trends.

Another option is to sell the clothes, either on Ebay or via a local classified site such as Kijiji or Craigslist. Donating items may also be an option, as the miscellaneous clothing items will likely be in mint or near mint condition.

Comfortable Home Clothing


Comfortable home clothing refers to clothes that you wear at home when you are just hanging out, trying to catch some much-needed R&R after a hard day of work. From saggy-bottom yoga pants, to stretched out and stained t-shirts, such items often go through significant wear and tear over time. Now, in some cases, you may not care about their condition, and may prioritize comfort over style. In other cases, you may decide that it is time for a change and that it is time to update your wardrobe.

Comfort items that have worn out their welcome should be thrown out, while clothing that is worn often should either be stored at home or at a local storage facility that provides top of the line storage units.

Junk and Filler


Finally, anything that is damaged or stained beyond repair should be thrown out. There is no point in trying to salvage such items, as they are a lost cause. Shoes, bags, sweaters, jeans, t-shirts, bras, underwear, hosiery, and accessories that have been severely damaged or stained should be thrown out or sold at bargain prices.

If you need a storage facility to store your clothing, then we can help. We provide leading-edge residential; commercial, short-term, long-term and specialty storage solutions; and multiple sizes and rates. Our units are also climate controlled, and some of our security features include perimeter fencing, insurance, gate access, video surveillance, and individual alarms for each storage unit. To learn more about our different storage units and features, or to get some more tips on how to best organize and discard your clothes, please visit our website or call us at 289-812-0153.

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