Indoor Vehicle Storage Burlington

UltraStor provides drive-up storage facilities, large enough for cars, trucks, jeeps, and boats. Ensure that you protect your investment by keeping your vehicle safe with us!

Two brightly-lit hallways, filled with rows of storage lockers at UltraStor.

Key Benefits

  • Protection from environmental damages, dust and dirt
  • Shield from extreme temperatures and elements
  • Space to store accessories
  • Safe and secure storage
  • Accessible anytime  you want it

Indoor Vehicle Storage

Have an extra car but nowhere to park? Indoor storage benefits your vehicle the same way a garage would. This means that they’re protected from UV radiation, rain, and wind damage.

UltraStor indoor car storage with three high-value cars.
A blue classic car against a white backdrop.

Classic Car Storage

Concerned about keeping your classic car in top form? Classic cars need extra care. Combined with the fact that they aren’t driven year-round makes indoor storage the logical solution.

Boat Storage

Whether it’s a passion or a pastime, we have storage large enough for all your water accessories. Instead of worrying about parking restrictions or expensive alternatives, consider a self-storage unit as your best option.

A jetski on a trailer, with a lake in the background on a foggy day.
Five different motorcycles stored together in an indoor storage locker at UltraStor.

Motorcycle Storage

When you’re not riding, keep it in an indoor storage facility with your seasonal items.

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