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How to Store Your Motorcycle for Winter (And Other Seasons, Too!)

9 Jul 2018
Posted By UltraStor
vintage custom motorcycle storage during winter season

The long, balmy evenings of summer are slowly coming to an end. We know, you don’t want to hear it. No motorcycle enthusiast wants to hear it.

Unless you plan on booking it out of Canada and claiming refuge in Florida to prolong your motorcycle riding days, taking measures for winter storage will soon become a necessity. Don’t worry, you still have time! Just not that much time…

Chances are you’re already very diligent about taking care of your motorcycle. Most motorcyclists are fanatical about giving their bike the best TLC possible, knowing it will pay off in its performance and overall maintenance costs. It may come as a surprise, however, that how you store your motorcycle for winter is just as important as how you care for it during riding season. It’s a sore surprise to open your garage come springtime and find that your motorcycle hasn’t fared well over the winter season.

Here are four tips on how to store your bike properly for winter. You’ll be able to rest confidently in the knowledge that your motorcycle has had all possible measures taken to ensure smooth storage and will be ready for that amazing first ride of the season once the snow melts and the air warms up.

1. A Fresh Tank

Fill up your motorcycle’s gas tank, then add fuel stabilizer to keep the fuel from deteriorating during the months of storage. Power up your bike and let it run for a few minutes to allow the fuel to process through the system. You’ll have a full tank of pristine gas come spring, allowing you to ride off immediately. Nobody likes having to scrounge for gas before the fun even starts.

2. Fluid Check

Your bike’s brake, coolant, and clutch fluids should be checked prior to storing your bike. You can either fill them up respectively or drain them completely. Check with your bike’s manufacturer to make sure you’re adding the appropriate fluid. You don’t want to seriously mess your bike up by adding the wrong kind.

If you’ll be storing your bike in a garage, or any space whose ambient temperature is likely to drop below freezing, check the bike’s antifreeze. Your engine could freeze otherwise.

Lubricate all your bike’s moving parts, including the shifter, throttle, kickstand, and clutch cables. This will prevent rust and moisture accumulation. As always, be careful not to get any lube on the tires. It’s bad for them and can cause accidents down the road, both figuratively and literally.

3. Tend to The Battery

Batteries are tricky things; they sometimes lose charge even when they’re not activated. Certain automated functions, such as the clock and radio, draw power from the battery to keep up to date. To prevent your battery from dying during storage you can remove it from the bike and trickle charge it throughout the winter.

Alternatively, charge the battery fully and keep it attached to the bike during storage. If you choose the latter option, charge the battery at least once a month to prevent it from clunking out on you once you take your motorcycle back out on the roads.

4. Choose the Right Place To Store

Even if you have your own garage, give some thought as to just where would be best to store your motorcycle. If housing your motorcycle in your garage will take up too much space that could otherwise serve a better purpose, looking for off-site storage is your best bet.

For condo-dwellers or for people who rely on street parking, it’s a bit trickier to find the ideal storage solution. It might be worth renting out a temporary storage space during the cold months. There’s no chance of your bike being damaged from too-cold temperatures, as temporary storage spaces are meticulously climate-controlled.

Motorcycles are small enough to be a target of theft and are sometimes subject to vandalism. Make sure wherever you store your motorcycle, it’s safe around the clock. Bikes are a great investment of time, money, and pride, and a lot can happen if they are left unattended over the winter.

It straight-up sucks to have to retire your bike for the winter. The best condolence we have is that with proper storage, you’re setting yourself up for many future seasons of amazing rides into the sunset, either with your friends or in peace and solitude. Just make sure to take care of your bike and to store it in a trustworthy location.

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