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Packing Your China for Storage

26 Sep 2016
Posted By UltraStor
Storing Your China Properly

You need to pack your fine china. Whether it’s for storage or if you’re moving, how you pack it will be the same. Because of its fragility, china should be handled with kid gloves.

You’ll want to make sure china pieces are well wrapped and secure so they don’t bang against each other when moved. You don’t want to end up with broken pieces that can’t be replaced. Here is what you’ll need to keep your china happy in their storage boxes:

  • Packing paper or old newspaper (be careful with newspaper – the ink may transfer onto light-coloured pieces);
  • Packing tape;
  • Bubble wrap (to be really safe, but it’s optional).

The process

Wrap pieces separately in clean paper. Newspaper should be the outer layer of wrapping. If you’re using bubble wrap, it should serve as a buffer between layers. When you’re wrapping cups, wrap on the diagonal and tuck in the edges as you go.

Tiny teacups

Wrap each cup in clean paper and close with packing tape. Place them on the newsprint that you’ve placed on the bottom of the box. Cups should be in a row upside down on an upper layer. Handles should be facing the same direction. Never pack them on the bottom. That’s reserved for plates, followed by bowls (which should be packed face up).

Odd shaped things

Teapots, soup bowls, cream and sugar bowls, etc. should be packed the same way as other items, but should be stored standing up. You don’t want to lay a tea or coffee pot on its side. Wrap the lids of any pieces like sugar bowls separately.

Mind the gaps!

It’s important not to leave any open spaces in boxes. Fill the gaps with crumpled paper or bubble wrap. Old towels will work wonders here as well. You can also use cardboard dividers to keep levels even.

If you’re storing your china for an extended period, you may want to consider a plastic container that won’t be affected by any dampness or humidity. And never store boxes on top of each other. They might fall over and there goes your good china!

All this takes time, but it’s important if you want to keep your china safe and secure. Ultrastor has all your packing and storage needs covered. Give them a call today to see how they can help you with your storage and moving needs.

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