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How To Pack Items For Shipping

3 Apr 2017
Posted By UltraStor
Packing Items For Shipping

Taking care to pack things well with the proper packing supplies and in the right manner will ensure that your items arrive safe and sound. Here is how to pack items for shipping, whether they are small, large or irregularly shaped. Packing items for shipping is actually quite easy, and you may even find that you have a few of the necessary packing supplies on hand already!

Packing Supplies You Will Need:

-Moving Boxes

-Packing peanuts (or alternative)

-Clear or brown packaging tape (or alternative)

  1. Place Items in Moving BoxThe very first step is to place your items in a moving box. Ensure that your moving boxes are slightly bigger than the item/items that you plan to put in them so that you have enough room for packing peanuts, which will provide a layer of protection and prevent items from moving around during transit.

    If you are reusing an old box, ensure that it is in decent enough condition. Also be sure to cross out any past addresses that may be on the box.

    Keep in mind that smaller items such as jewelry can be packed in a bubble mailer, which is essentially an envelope wrapped with bubble wrap.

    If you have fragile items such as glassware, mirrors, etc., they should be wrapped in bubble wrap two or three items before placing them in the box. The bubble wrap also needs to be secured with packing tape so that the item doesn’t move. Never wrap fragile items in paper.

    For items that won’t fit inside a box (perhaps they are irregularly shaped), the shipping process is slightly different. For metals, simply tape the address label directly to them (do not use flying tags). Then tape cardboard to the edges.

    If you have any items vulnerable to water, place them in a plastic bag before placing them in a box.

  2. Add Packing Peanuts Place packing peanuts (or foam, newspaper, paper, etc.) at the bottom of your box, ensuring that you have roughly 5 cm of packing peanuts on the bottom. Next, add enough packing peanuts to the sides of the shipping box to ensure that the item doesn’t have any room to move around.
  3. Secure Moving Box with Packaging TapeNext, use packaging tape to secure the opening and the seams of your box. Avoid using masking tape, cellophane tape, string, etc. Ideally, you would add six strips of packaging tape, three horizontal and three vertical, where the two flaps meet.
  4. Label Moving BoxFinally, the last step is to label all of your moving boxes. Don’t forget to include a return address!

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