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New Small Space Seating, Storage & Surface Solutions Worth Trying

12 Dec 2016
Posted By UltraStor
Storage Solutions Worth Trying

Everyone is always looking for a little extra space in their home. Here are some storage solutions that you may have not heard of before.

  • Add A Ceiling ShelfAdding a shelf just below the top of your ceiling that runs the length of the wall is an area of space not commonly used. This opens up a lot of storage space and would be particularly great for books, records and for attractive boxes full of photographs or other things.
  • Add A Floating Shelf In Your EntrywayA lot of people would love to have a console table in their entryway to hold keys and mail but lack the space. If you are one of these people (or are just simply looking to free up more space!) a great option is to add a floating shelf in your entryway. It’s small and compact but still provides all of the convenient benefits of being able to hold your keys and spare change.
  • Use A Wall-Mounted Shelf For A NightstandIf you don’t have room for a nightstand or are looking to open up some space in your bedroom, a wall-mounted shelf makes a great nightstand.
  • Don’t Overlook CranniesCrannies, such as those behind doors, typically offer valuable storage options but aren’t typically taken advantage of. Consider mounting small boxes to serve as tiny shelves or hanging up hooks to hang jewelry in these little crevices.
  • Place A Bookshelf Behind Your CouchMany people fail to take advantage of spaces. One such space is the area behind your couch, which makes for a great place to put an oversized bookshelf. Not only is this a physically beautiful piece of decor but it is also very functional and practical.
  • Trade In Your TV Stand For Wall-Mounted ShelvingTelevisions tend to take up a lot of space. However, wall-mounted shelving (also known as floating shelves) that would typically be used for books and other knickknacks is a great way to save space while giving yourself a lot more storage options above and below the television as well.
  • Swap Out Your Couch For ChairsYou can save a lot of space by swapping out your couch for a few chairs instead. Not only will you save space but this option can allow you to arrange your chairs in a variety of ways for a unique look. This is particularly great idea for more formal living rooms designed for company.
  • Rent A Storage UnitAn excellent way to have a lot more storage space and to free up space in your home is by renting a storage unit.

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