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How Much Self-Storage Space Do You Need

11 Dec 2017
Posted By UltraStor
Self-Storage Space Requirements

If you’re considering long-term storage solutions but are puzzled about what size you need, the answer is that it depends on a number of factors. The right storage unit size for you is a function of what you’ll be storing, the size of thing stuff you’ll be storing and the quantity of things you’ll be putting away. Once you’re able to figure out your answers for these three considerations, you’ll be well on your way towards getting the right self-storage space.

In order to help you visualize what long-term storage solutions would work for you, what follows is a look at the types of storage spaces we at UltraStor offer as well as an idea as to what sorts of contents might fit each space.

4×5 (20 Square Feet)

This space is definitely a small one as you’ll only be able to fit a handful of boxes, luggage, golf clubs and a few other odds and ends.

5×5 (25 Square Feet)

If you need a self-storage unit that is the size of a regular closet, then this option is for you. It should provide enough space to store some of the furniture items that you might find in a small bachelor apartment.

5×10 (50 Square Feet)

If you’re wondering how much space you have to work with in a 50-square-foot area, you can store appliances and things from a single bedroom in such a space.

9×10 (90 Square Feet)

If you have a large one-bedroom apartment or condo, or a small two-bedroom apartment or condo, then a 90-square-foot storage unit will probably be enough to accommodate your needs.

10×10 (100 Square Feet)

You can fit the contents of a two-bedroom apartment or condominium — minus appliances — or 50 per cent of a full house in a unit that is 100 square feet.

10×15 (150 Square Feet)

Excluding appliances, you can store the contents of a condo or townhouse — one with two or three bedrooms — in a unit that is 150 square feet in size.

10×20 (200 Square Feet)

A unit that is 200 square feet is about the size of a single-car garage. You can store the contents of a three-bedroom house in such a space.

10×25 (250 Square Feet)

You can store the contents of a full three-bedroom house including appliances or a four-bedroom house minus appliances in a storage unit that is 250 square feet in size.

10×30 (300 Square Feet)

A storage space that is 300 square feet can accommodate the contents of a four-bedroom house including appliances.

After looking at your needs and comparing them to the various options for long-term storage solutions in Burlington, you’ll be ready to select the right one for your specific size requirements. If you have any questions about obtaining a storage space, you can contact us via phone at 289-288-5069 or via our online form.

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