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Eight Home Office Storage Ideas

3 Jan 2017
Posted By UltraStor
Home Office Storage Ideas

Home offices can be found in entire rooms or little nooks nestled into the corner of your living room or den. When it comes to your home office storage, the key is to go upwards to avoid clutter. Go for wall-mounted shelving that can be placed above your desk.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are eight home office storage ideas that are practical, stylish and provide the right amount of storage without sacrificing space:

  1. Floating shelf:This type of shelving is wall-mounted and can be placed anywhere. A floating shelf can be used as storage and they’re great for displaying greenery. You can also hang plants from your home office ceiling if necessary but floating shelves do provide a great place for your succulents.
  2. Floating cubbies:In keeping with the floating theme, floating cubbies make for ample storage. Since the cubbies are floating, you can see the wall behind them. Plus, floating cubbies can be turned into display cases for any awards you (or your children) have won.
  3. Open shelves:If you find yourself working with a lot of files, open shelving allows you to store documents without damaging them. On a floating shelf you can store your folders and even label each ledge so you know which files are found there.
  4. Shelving with built-in bookcases:For those who need to keep books and manuals handy while they work, try a shelving unit with a built-in bookcase. If your home office is part of another room, you can use your bookcase shelving as a divider.
  5. Desk with built-in shelving:You can find many desks available that come with built-in shelving, or vice versa, a shelving unit that comes with a built-in desk. No matter which style you choose, it’s an ergonomic option that can be attached to the wall to give you added space and storage.
  6. Rolling storage that doubles as a desk: If you have an old bar cart lying around, repurpose it into a rolling storage unit that is also your desk. If you work out of a compact space in your home, the mobile desk/cart allows you to move it out of the way when you’re done.
  7. Wire grids and baskets:To keep your storage options easy, try wall-mounting wire grids and baskets. You may not be able to store heavy objects in them but you will be able to free up space in your office by having storage moved onto your walls.
  8. Magnetic memo boards and pegboards:As with grids and baskets, magnetic memo boards and pegboards move storable items to the walls to declutter your office. Magnetic memo boards can be used to keep pictures, papers and lighter items, while pegboards are stronger in structure and can even be fitted with shelving, planters and hangers.

Remember, when adding storage to your home office you’re trying to avoid clutter. Don’t add more shelving than you need, especially if your office is in the corner of another room.

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