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Creative Ways To Maximize Your Storage Space

5 Mar 2018
Posted By UltraStor
Creative Ways To Maximize Your Storage Space

Some people look at their storage space and think “Where do I even start with this?” But others look at the space given and think “Challenge Accepted.” Much like a game of Tetris, storing your items requires visualizing your space and making sure every piece fits properly in relation to the other items you’re planning on storing.

Storage Tips

A big step to consider is the idea of layering the distribution of your items. If you have sturdy items, the first thing to do would be to set a strong foundation of your less fragile items, and work your way upwards in your unit, with the most fragile items at the top.

Another option is to create segmented sections in which you can hang your free hanging items, such as clothes on hangers. Be sure to keep like items together, as this creates a more cohesive placement pattern, and keeps a system in place by which you can expand upon as you continue to add to your storage. If you have pillows or fabrics that you’d like to condense, a good option is to put them in airtight bags, and vacuum suction the air out of the bags. This will allow you to maximize your storage potential by condensing them into a much more compact package, and also prevent potential hazards like mold and mildew from affecting your fabrics.


Another way to maximize your overall area is to stack everything tall, improper placement is one of the biggest obstacles people run into when not considering the dimensions of their storage space. By stacking things tall, you allow for more ground space on which you can place more bulky items, freeing up more for your foundation. Remember every part of your unit counts, even the walls can be a place to affix lighter items (clothes, framed pictures, etc.) Don’t feel as if the final image of your what you’re packing necessarily has to look aesthetically pleasing, the goal is not necessarily that everything has to look great, more that everything has a set position in your storage area. If you can enter your storage space, don’t worry so much about being able to walk around in it, stack to the back, and work your way outward. Doing so will allow you to take up as much space as possible without worrying about any potential mobility issues when trying to access your items.

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