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The Benefits Of Climate Controlled Storage

26 Mar 2018
Posted By UltraStor
Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

A climate controlled storage unit has a lot of benefits. The temperature remains consistent throughout the year and many units offer humidity control. Although the expense is slightly higher this type of unit will protect your belongings and valuables much better and provide peace of mind. The controlled climate is recommended for numerous items including electronics, antiques, fine art and musical instruments. The safety of these items can be ensured by upgrading to a unit with a controlled climate.


The temperature can be extreme during both the summer and the winter months. Numerous items are sensitive to these temperatures and can crack, split and warp. This includes business records, books, fine art, mattresses, upholstered furniture and most especially wood furniture. When the temperature is consistent and temperature fluctuations are eliminated the items are protected.

Air Quality

The most commonly overlooked factor regarding stored items is the quality of the air. A standard unit is sealed differently than a unit with a controlled climate. The air is constantly being circulated to maintain the temperature. This means the air is not only clean but of a much higher quality. This eliminates the need to consistently open the unit just to allow the fresh air to circulate. The air quality is crucial for important documents and electronics.

Dust and Debris

Upgrading to a storage unit with a controlled climate ensure the buildings have insulated walls, roofs and floors as well as a seal on the building. This type of unit is a lot less susceptible to dirt, debris and minor flooding. They are additionally better protected from insects and rodents that can damage the stored items. The items will remain exactly as they were when placed in the unit whether a week or ten years passes.

Peace of Mind

Nobody wants to be unable to sleep at night because they are concerned about the possessions they have stored. When these items are protected from the weather and kept safe these concerns are eliminated. There is no price for true peace of mind.

Available Options

A climate controlled unit offers a lot of advantages. This type of unit is extremely secure due to the security features available. Gate access is required to enter the facility helping to eliminate unauthorized entries. The units also offer alarms on the doors and video surveillance 24 hours a day. The security features are further enhanced with LED lighting. To make the process even easier there are packing and moving supplies and materials available to ensure the items are packed well. Drive up units are also available.

The Advantages

The reasons different people choose to store their items vary. This can be because a move is imminent and a secure facility is required for temporary storage. Also, due to insufficient room in the home, but the items have monetary or sentimental value. Or because the items are not used on a regular basis. Whatever the reasons a unit with a controlled climate will keep these items safe and secure.

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