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6 Common Packing Mistakes You Can Avoid

17 Oct 2016
Posted By UltraStor
Avoiding Faux Pas When Packing

Packing things that may be both valuable and sentimental can be stressful, so knowing how to do it in the most productive way and in a way your treasures will be safe is vital.

The following are some common packing mistakes you’ll want to avoid:

  1. You don’t have a road map. Winging it is not the way to go! Packing willy nilly is not a good way to go. Creating a list and a game plan will cut down on time and aggravation. For instance, decide what you’re going to pack first, like breakables – china, crystal, etc. Fashion a plan and stick to it.
  2. Procrastination. Leaving everything to the last minute will just cause you a lot of grief. Even if you think there may be more things pressing than packing, still block out some time to at least make a start. The longer you put it off, the harder it will be to begin. Take out that list you’ve made and… go!
  3. Out of sorts. To believe your items shouldn’t be sorted would be a mistake. Throwing everything into boxes and bags with the good intention of organizing your belongings when they’re out of storage is just going to ultimately give you a giant headache.
  4. Not using packing supplies. It’s skewed thinking that you can get away with wrapping everything in newspaper and throwing it into boxes. There are some really good packing supplies on the market that will ensure your items are packed and stored properly. Sturdy packing boxes, bubble wrap and tissue paper could be your best friends. Seriously consider using them.
  5. Cramming. Trying to stuff too much into one box is a recipe for potential disaster. You’re going to end up with badly damaged or broken items. Not only that, but it can be unsafe. Here’s a tip: Consider using smaller boxes for heavier things and larger ones for things that weigh less. Don’t fill huge boxes with heavy things. Try not to lift boxes heavier than 45 pounds. By the same token, it’s important not to leave empty space in your boxes. Things shouldn’t be jiggling around.
  6. Relying on your memory. Make sure you write either right on the box or on a label what’s inside the box. You may pride yourself on having a great memory, but if your valuables have been in storage for months… well, your memory may not be that good.

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