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5 Tips For Taking Your Motorcycle Out Of Storage

10 May 2017
Posted By UltraStor
Taking Your Motorcycle Out Of Storage

Prime motorcycle weather has arrived. Although you may be tempted you get on your bike the first moment you see it, it is imperative to do thorough inspection first to ensure a safe motorcycle season ahead. This will also allow you to reach peak performance while out on the road. The first step? Get your motorcycle off the ground.

    1. Check For DamageCheck for any corrosion. That means checking everything from your brake and throttle cables to your brake lines and oil lines. Don’t forget to check your battery as this can also corrode. Check the state of your frame. It goes without saying, but replace any damaged parts before riding.

Pro Tip: A storage locker can keep your motorcycle in peak condition over the winter months – it is worth a consideration for next season if you’ve been storing your bike elsewhere.

  1. Do A Full Body InspectionOnce you’ve inspected your bike for any signs of damage, your next step should be to perform a full-body inspection. From top to bottom. Check the state of your gears and pedals. Test your lights and horn and replace as necessary. Inspect and lubricate your motorcycle’s chain and check the sprockets. Be on the lookout for any loose bolts and tighten as necessary.
  2. Check Your TiresA safe ride always begins with checking the state of your tires, especially after you’ve had your motorcycle in storage for months on end. Not only do you want to check the air pressure, but also be on the lookout for dry rot (cracks) and any other punctures.
  3. Replace FluidsOne of the final steps when taking your motorcycle out storage is to replace the fluids, including the oil, gas and coolant. Don’t forget to change the oil filter, too. Next, turn on your motorcycle and allow it to run for a few minutes before actually taking it out for a spin. This will give your bike time to warm up and allow all of the fluids to circulate.
  4. Take It Slow!It’s been a few months since you’ve been out on your bike. Not only is your bike a bit rusty, but you likely are, too! After having kept your bike in storage lockers or your garage, the first ride should always be a short one, not only because it’s been awhile since you’ve been out on the road, but to also ensure that your bike feels normal. Be sure to also drive slowly on those first couple of rides.

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