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3 Important Storage Tips: Packing Fragile or Specialty Items

21 Apr 2018
Posted By UltraStor
Tips For Packing And Storing Fragile Items

Moving or running out of space in your home can be stressful. Packing and storing household items properly is essential to making the transition much less chaotic. There are practical ways to store delicate items when moving from one home to another. Keep reading for some great storage tips.

Plan Ahead

It is always good to plan ahead by making sure you have all the items needed for packing up. For fragile items, make sure to invest in either newspaper, bubble wrap, or both. Make sure to wrap items that can get ruined easily during the move. Also, don’t forget to label boxes of fragile items so that everyone knows they need to handle that box with care. In other words, add a large black marker to the list of important moving essentials.

Figure Out What Items Are Most Important

Depending on the moving situation, sometimes the space you are moving to may be too small for all the items you would like to take. Before moving, take some time to figure out what items will be going to your new place and which ones will not. Some items, especially if they are sentimental items, can be stored in a storage unit for safe keeping. The great thing about storage units is that they are relatively inexpensive and are climate controlled to keep your items safe from any damage.

Storage Space

It is very likely that additional storage may be needed for all the items in your home. If you find that a storage space is needed, it is important that space is big enough to fit everything perfectly. The great thing is that there are a variety of sizes that can work well with any budget. There are storage units for everything from office furniture, storage for business inventory, and even for vehicles that require protection from damage. There is a storage space for any and every need.

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