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3 Creative Storage Tips For Small Apartments

24 Jul 2017
Posted By UltraStor
Small Apartments Storage Tips

If you live in a small apartment, perhaps one of the challenges you have is a lack of storage space. Even people living in large homes with plenty of storage options might eventually find that they still need more room, so it goes without saying that people with minimal square footage to work with may find themselves looking for more places to put stuff. The good news is that there are home storage solutions that you can use to make the most of even the smallest living areas, so check out these three creative storage tips for small apartments.

  1. Think VerticalWhen it comes to smart home storage solutions, you need to make the most of what little space you have. This includes paying attention to often-overlooked things like your vertical spaces. For instance, there are storage units that you can hang on your door, which will allow you to store all sorts of things. If used in the bathroom, for example, you could store your towels, toiletries and soap. Don’t forget to think vertical if you want to use all available square footage for storage.
  2. Nooks & CranniesDon’t neglect your nooks and crannies, because you’ll find lots of storage possibilities in such places. For instance, you can use shelves of various configurations to fit into corners that otherwise might have been left unused. A couple of small shelves here and there can provide you with a lot of space to put books, CDs, DVDS and other things. On a related note, you may want to avoid large shelf units since they will take up a lot of short-in-supply real estate that could be used for other things. Small shelves in strategic locations, coupled with small shelves in nooks and crannies, will offer you home storage solutions that you can use.


  3. Put Away ElectronicsIf you have a small apartment, surface space is likely not as plentiful as you’d like. But you can help to remedy this predicament by storing your electronics — printers, fax machines and other things — in drawers that have the space to accommodate them. You’ll also be able to reduce the clutter by going this route.

In a small apartment, space for storage might not be what you want it to be, but with some creativity, you can make the most of the space you have. The three aforementioned home storage solutions will give you some food for thought when it comes to properly utilizing your available space.

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